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Veggie Scrap Salad - Part 2 - Lettuce’s healthy roots in Nurture

How to grow vegetables in containers? Growing new lettuce plant from leftover scraps using Nurture compost. @nurturecomposts. Buy: Web: **

Regrowing lettuce from kitchen scraps is a fun and sustainable way to grow your own fresh greens:

  1. Choose a lettuce variety

  2. Prepare the base of lettuce

  3. Add water to cover the bottom of the lettuce base

  4. Place in a sunny spot

  5. Change the water regularly

  6. Watch it grow

  7. Transfer to soil

  8. Plant the lettuce base

  9. Water and care

  10. Harvest and enjoy

Remember that regrown lettuce may not reach the same size as store-bought lettuce, but it can still provide a tasty addition to your salads and sandwiches.

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