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Nurture composts - origin story

Meet The Team



Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers is the starting point for Nurture Composts. That is why we have Payman. He came up with the idea, runs the business side of things and is constantly making sure that we always put the customer first.



At the heart of it all is a passion for gardening. That is where our resident expert Chris comes in, always looking at things through her expert gardener’s eye. Constantly testing & refining, Chris makes sure that Nurture delivers in full.



YZ is responsible for our brand and how we come across. From the designs you see on the pack to how we come across wherever you see us – whether on this website, Facebook, Instagram or any other promotional material we use.

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Don is responsible for ensuring we buy the best raw material possible from around the world, so we have a smooth running manufacturing process and therefore producing the best compost possible.


The Science

The science & principles you see above is what we used to develop Nurture based on our own experience when buying & using compost. We found that traditional compost bags are cumbersome - heavy to lift, awkward to carry, often not all of it was used up and took too much storage space. In addition, feeding and watering our plants took up a lot of time.

The Science
Luscious Palm Leaves


Do Good, Be Good


This starts off with our raw materials. Firstly using renewable resources from a coconut tree to create compost and not using peat. In this way we tap into the ultimate carbon capture & storage machine in nature, the humble tree, while leaving peat in the ground where it should be to act as a carbon sink.

Coconut Trees
Being Good
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