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Where is Nurture made?

The raw materials for Nurture is sourced from around the world and we then make Nurture in the UK.

What is included when I purchase a Nurture compost block?

When you purchase a Nurture compost block, you will get a compost block that is peat free and has got feed included. For some variants, such as “Plant Health” and “Plant Hydration” we also add relevant soil additives used by professional gardeners. Each compost block is wrapped in PLA film and then put into a cardboard box that is recyclable. 


What is PLA?

PLA (Polylactic acid) is a bioplastic that is renewable and made from corn starch. Bioplastic is a new type of plastic generally made from plant starch or sugars, and not from petroleum. This is good. PLA is compostable at an industrial composting facility that your council provides and accepts PLA plastic.


What are the labels used on Nurture packaging made from?

Nurture’s labels are made of lots of different layers, each of them playing an important role. The start point is white Kraft paper. Going into the detail you have the liner, the silicone, the adhesive, the face stock, the coating and the varnish. The label can be recycled.


Can the Nurture box be recycled?

The Nurture box can be recycled, just put in your recycling bin.


What is the Nurture Hydrator made from?

The Nurture Hydrator is made from plastic that can be recycled. The Hydrator has been designed to be used for life and therefore we needed a material that would last a lifetime and on a day to day basis could be lightweight to carry, see through to make it easier to see fill mark, attach a handle to for carrying, put a lid on for storage and would not breakdown when water was added.


I have received my Nurture compost block but do not have a Hydrator - what can I use?

On a day to day basis, you can use any container that is big enough to hydrate the compost in, you find easy to carry & store plus does not degrade when water is added. We have designed the Nurture Hydrator as what we would personally use to make up and use Nurture compost blocks – we have found it the best solution to not only make the product but also to store the product. 


How do I use the Nurture compost block?

There are two ways it can be used – with the Nurture Hydrator or in your own container. Take the compost block out of the box and take off PLA wrap. Add 1 litre of water to the container - this could be the Nurture Hydrator or your own container. Using hot water will hydrate the compost block even faster. You can always add more water to get the consistency that you desire from your compost. Put in the Nurture compost block. Hydrate the block quickly while stirring the mix. The plant feed tablet will gradually dissolve by itself. You then can either use the compost for planting or put the lid on to store safely.


Is the Nurture compost range safe to use for all plants?

Nurture compost works with most plants. We have found that it does not work well with orchids. We currently do not have a product in our range for ericaceous plants that like acidic soil.


Is the Nurture compost range eco-friendly?

Our aim is to manufacture products that are biodegradable or 100% recyclable.


Is the Nurture compost range organic?

We source high quality natural ingredients for the Nurture compost range, but they are not certified organic.


Do the Nurture compost range contain toxic chemicals?

No. The Nurture compost range does not use toxic chemicals.


How long will one hydrated Nurture compost block last?

The Nurture range has an indefinite shelf life when hydrated. We recommend to use it within three to four months.


Do Nurture compost blocks work in hard water?

Nurture compost blocks should work just as well in hard water as they do in soft.


Will using two Nurture compost blocks improve the performance of the compost?

No. Using two compost blocks will not increase the performance of the compost.


Are Nurture compost blocks safe for homes with children and pets?

Yes, once you have safely hydrated your Nurture compost blocks, it is safe to use around children and pets. We always recommend storing Nurture and the hydrated compost out of reach of pets and children – it is still compost.


Does the Nurture Hydrator have to be completely empty before I can use another compost block?

We recommend that the Hydrator, or in fact your own container, should be empty and thoroughly rinsed out before use. This is to remove any potential residue and ensure the Nurture compost works to its maximum performance.

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About Us

Who is Nurture?

We are Nurture. We are dedicated to making compost products that are easy to carry, use & store. Since there is a range of products under Nurture, we also talk about Nurture composts. The compost is peat free and has got plant feed added.


What do Nurture sell?

We sell four different varieties of Nurture compost blocks – Multi Purpose compost, Plant Health compost, Plant Growth and Plant Hydration compost.


What is special about Nurture’s compost blocks?

Nurture’s compost blocks are made out of coconut compost & a unique plant feed system. The plant feed system can be seen in the middle of the block. Each plant feed system is different with its own unique mix based on the product promise. From multi-purpose compost to composts for plant health, growth and plant hydration, Nurture can help.


Why do some of the Nurture range have “Specially Nurtured” written on the pack?

Some of our products are extra special, so we have labelled them Specially Nurtured. The Plant Health & Plant Hydration compost products, have additional specific soil additives used by professional gardeners to deliver on their extra promise. One of our products has an additional plant feed system, Plant Growth.


What is coconut compost?

It is 100% coconut husks, which is the bi-product of the coconut growing industry. It is 100% organic, naturally biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable. It is the perfect alternative to peat based compost, and other peat substitutes, especially as it lasts three times longer in use.


Is the Nurture compost range peat free?



Why is the compost produced by Nurture so good?

Our compost helps improve the growing conditions. The composts open texture provides the perfect balance of aeration, drainage and water retention. The compost encourages beneficial soil microbes, and is pH and nutrient balanced - perfect for plant health, plant growth and plant hydration.


Can I use Nurture as a compost to improve my soil?

Yes, it’s the perfect soil improver. The compost that Nurture produces has an open texture that helps to break up heavy clay soils and it improves water and nutrient retention in light, sandy soils. It also encourages beneficial soil microorganisms, essential for healthy plant growth.


What grows in the Nurture range of compost products?

The Nurture range of compost products cover all your gardening needs for sowing seeds, cuttings, bulbs, potting on, young and mature plants - including vegetables, fruit & houseplants. Even microgreens & sprouting seedlings grow in Nurture Composts.


Does cacti and succulents grow in Nurture compost products?

​Yes. When you mix it approximately 50:50 with sharp sand and horticultural grit first.


Is Nurture suitable for orchids?

Our composts tend to be too fine grade to give really good results with most orchids. 


Is Nurture suitable for orchids?

The current Nurture range does not cover the needs of ericaceous plants that need acidic soil.


What is the shelf life of the compost?

The Nurture range has an indefinite shelf life when hydrated. We recommend to use it within three to four months.


How do I use a Nurture Compost block?

Simply add 1 litre of water to the Hydrator (or your own container), then take off the wrapping off the compost block and add to water. Finally hydrate by stirring the composts mix before using the compost for planting. The feed tablet in the middle of the compost block does not need to dissolve before you can use the compost, it will gradually dissolve by itself. Hot water further speeds up the hydration process for the compost and you can always add more water if you want a different compost consistency


What is a Hydrator?

This is a container we have designed to help you hydrate the compost with water and then to securely store either indoors or indoors. You can use your own container that is clean and will not be negatively impacted if filled with water.


What if I need to add more water?

We recommend 1 litre per block of Nurture compost, but if you need to add a little bit more water to get the consistency you want, then that also works.


Cold or warm water to hydrate the compost block?

We at Nurture only recommend using warm water, as it speeds up the hydration process further. Cold water will be perfectly fine.


Do I need to add plant feed to the Nurture compost range?

Nurture’s compost range all come with a minimum of 6 weeks of feed. The Plant Growth product comes with up to 6 months of slow release plant feed.


Why do I need plant feed?

All plants growing in containers (including indoor plants) need a regular supply of nutrients to ensure strong, healthy growth. For the vast majority of plants, plant feed is added from early spring to early autumn, especially if they are growing. Follow the instructions on the plant feed container for frequency and amount.


Is the compost produced by Nurture better for the environment?

Yes. Firstly because it is peat free. Peat needs to stay in the ground to act as a carbon sink. Secondly, by being compact it takes less energy to get the product home. Finally, by having just enough in every pack, you don’t create waste by having compost left over after you finish gardening.


Is Nurture packaging environmentally friendly?

Our cardboard boxes are recyclable and our wrapping around the block is made from a substance called PLA which is compostable. Our hydrator has been designed for life.


Do Nurture’s product range perform as well as the other leading compost brands?

Nurture has been tested against leading compost brands. We are very proud to say that our compost products have performed as well as or better than the leading brands they were tested against.


Is Nurture expensive?

Our products are competitively priced.


Can I find Nurture in Supermarkets?

We would love to be sold everywhere and accessible to everyone. If you would like to see Nurture in your supermarket, please ask your supermarket directly.


Can Nurture supply compost to businesses?

We have special bulk packs for business. Please email for more information.


Do Nurture ship outside of the UK?

At the moment we only ship and sell within the UK.


Do Nurture have any new compost products on the way?

Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media – we are developing new compost products all the time.


Can I review or rate Nurture?

After purchasing a product through our website, you will be soon able to rate us as well as write a review. If you want to spread the word, find us on Instagram and Facebook at @nurturecomposts


How can I contact Nurture about their compost products?

For any issues that aren’t answered here, please email us at



What is peat?

Decomposed plant matter, partially broken down over thousands of years in swamp areas known as peatlands. Peat builds up very slowly – at a rate of 1–2mm per year. To harvest peat for compost, all vegetation from the peatlands is removed. The build-up of peat is much slower than the rate of peat being harvested, meaning it is a non-renewable resource. 


What is peat free compost?

 Peat-free compost doesn't use any peat. 


Is peat free compost good for the environment?

 Peatlands are known as a carbon sink – they absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas – from the atmosphere. Damaging these peatlands results in all this carbon dioxide being released into the air.


Why is peat free compost more expensive?

 The huge difference is due to the level of production. More production means lower prices. The majority of today’s compost is not peat free but can be produced cheaply. The demand for peat free compost is not as high and therefore the production costs are higher.


Is peat based compost going to be banned?

 The UK government has now banned peat compost sales from 2024.



Can I receive my Nurture compost products on a subscription basis?

Yes. Please email us at 


How does a subscription work?

With subscriptions, your Nurture compost choice gets automatically sent to you, as often as you decide.  


What benefits come with a Nurture compost subscription?

By starting up a subscription with us, you will no longer be charged for shipping fees. A subscription also means you will never have to think twice about getting your compost.


Do any membership fees come with a subscription?

It is completely free to start up a subscription, you simply pay for what you buy, and will be charged for future purchases as and when you have requested them.


Can I change or cancel my subscription?

You can change or cancel your subscription online at any time, but if you have any trouble, please feel free to email us at 



Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept both credit and debit card as well as PayPal. 


How do I change my password?

You can change your password either by selecting the forgotten password link (via the login page). Alternatively, contact us ( where will be able to send you an email with details on how to change your password.


How do I change my email address?

You can update your email simply by logging into your account. If you have any issues, please contact our customer care team at , they will be happy to help! 


How do I return my product?

Please check our Shipping and Returns Policy for further information on returning any goods:


If I have bought a collection or starter kit, can I return a single item from the order and get a refund?

No, if you have purchased a collection or starter kit, the whole collection or starter kit will need to be returned in order to receive a refund from us.


Can I amend the delivery address for my order?

If you need to change your delivery address please contact us as soon as possible via email ( Our warehouse team works very hard to pick, pack and ship orders as soon as possible so we cannot promise that we will be able to amend your order before it leaves, but we will always do our best to help where we can. Please be sure to check your details are correct before you checkout.


How do I know my order has been placed and received?

Once your order has been successfully processed you will receive a confirmation email detailing your order, billing and shipping address. Please be sure to check these details are correct. If they are not correct, please contact with your order number and details of the correction required.


What happens if there is an issue with my Nurture order?

If you have any issues with your order, please email and our customer care team will be more than happy to help you. Please note you may be required to take photographs if the delivery is damaged.


Where do I check my recent Nurture orders?

You can check your recent orders by logging into your account and selecting order history.


How long will my Nurture refund take?

Once processed, your refund will take 7-10 working days to appear in your account.


What delivery options do you offer with Nurture?

All of our orders are shipped via standard delivery. Orders typically take 3-4 working days to arrive once they have been dispatched. Orders are usually dispatched within 1 working day of being ordered.


What happens if my Nurture delivery doesn't arrive?

All of our orders are shipped within 1 working day. Orders typically take 3-4 working days from being shipped to arrival. If it has been over 5 working days since you received your dispatch confirmation, please email and we will look into this for you. Please don’t forget to provide us with your order number so we can check your order details on our system.

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