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Providing support for tomato plants repotted in Nurture compost

Remembering to provide support for tomato plants. Potting on tomato plants, is an essential step in their growth process. This process allows the plants to continue developing their root systems and provides them with more space to grow. @nurturecomposts. Buy: Web: **

Here's a step-by-step guide of what to consider:

  • Get timing right

  • Choose the right pots

  • Prepare the new pots

  • Water the tomato plants

  • Gently move plants

  • Correct planting depth

  • Fill with Nurture compost

  • Water after replanting

  • Provide support

  • Place in warm sunny spot

  • Monitor and care

Transplanting can be a bit stressful for tomato plants, but when done correctly, it allows them to develop into strong, healthy plants that yield delicious tomatoes.

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